Any firm must have a strategy in place. As a result, it is critical for prospective managers to comprehend not just the theoretical aspects of strategy, but also the practical complexi-ties and subtleties. From being a specialist in finance or marketing to being an entrepre-neur, the Strategist in your needs to shine through.

As a club, Strategist is the perfect platform for its members to identify and hone these criti-cal abilities. We aim to maintain, expand, and leverage students' interest in the field of strategy, and to serve as a cornerstone of the institute's strategic activities.As Strategy fits with all the core competencies - Finance, Marketing, IT, HR; it works closely with all other academic clubs to develop synergies and provide a holistic approach to the students of MDI.

Strategist’s engagement is not just limited to developing core consulting knowledge and a strategic mindset, but the team also works with multiple team-building exercises involving event management, creativity, and marketing. Strategist is oriented to reach greater heights with the efforts put in by the students.The vision of the club is “To grow to the stature of an independent consulting firm operating out of MDI”.

Club Activities and Initiatives:

Strategist Speaks: A newsletter in the form of creative and exciting infographics, highlighting the latest trends and developments in various sectors such as FMCG, IT, Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking, Telecom etc., to keep the students updated with the industry.

Consulting Circles: A one of its kind concept, focused on peer-to-peer learning to help students prepare for the consulting roles and develop a consulting culture on the campus. It involves a series of business case studies and guesstimates to be attempted in student groups to inculcate the culture of peer learning.

Live Projects: Strategist regularly partners with various companies to float live projects for students – helping them acquire good industry exposure and providing a platform to solve complex real-life problems.

BizCzar (Flagship Event): The National Level Case Study Competition, BizCzar, is conducted every year during Imperium, in association with a case partner, with a participation of more than 500 students from all across India.

OTS Events: Various On-The-Spot events such as spot guesstimates (Estimato) and spot business cases (Stratrix) to be solved are conducted during Imperium.

Workshops & Speaker Series: Strategist regularly invites industry experts to share their views on key developments and issues in the Strategy and Consulting domain.

MDI Casebook: Strategist is actively working for the second edition of its casebook to make it bigger and better with more variety and depth to the cases, guesstimates and sector reports to help students have a more wholesome preparation for a career in Consulting.

E-Stratathon: A confluence of two online events – Ranneeti, an online business simulation game that involves making a business decision in teams, and Checkmate, an online chess competition.

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Rajesh Pillania

Secretary – Aman Sikka