Centres of Excellence

To promote multi-disciplinary academic as well as practice-oriented research, MDI Gurgaon has set up three Centres of Excellence (CoEs) in 2021. These CoEs encourage the formation of strong research groups for high impact on various stakeholders. These groups support research in broad fields that MDI gives priority to. They give faculty members “leverage” in raising resources for research in times when MDI and external research funding represent only one component of the funding required.
At MDI, a CoE is a consortia of MDI academics, industry experts and member companies that augment knowledge and industry practices in ‘the areas of expertise’. These Centres support the spirit of knowledge creation, insight and implementation. The defining feature of ‘expertise area’ and a CoE in the area is the collaboration between a number of experts within and without MDI so that a distinct ‘expertise destiny’ is clearly present. MDI faculty members across various functional areas are actively engaged in research on a number of subjects closely aligned with their areas of teaching, training and consulting. Apart from functional areas, MDI encourages the development of CoEs so that these can become a focal point of MDI’s research effort and promotion.

Centre for Indian Thought and Management

Indian management education has mostly adopted the North American model of education. North American MBA programmes are attempting to regain the value and relevance of management education through curricular changes. If both management and its education matter, then management practice, as well as management education in India, need to reflect elements that are relevant for India. As a craft, there would be no better time to work on the Indian way of management; as a science, there would be no better time to develop indigenous theories. An example may...

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Centre for Digital Economy, Cryptocurrencies & Cyber Security

The digital economy has impacted all facets of our life. Economic activities, commercial transactions and professional interactions online are continuously on the rise. New technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT, Spatial/Temporal Systems, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and data and knowledge visualisation are continuously redefining the rules of the game. This has led to data becoming a key building block and analytics being a major driver to generate insights for business and in government. This has also led to advancements in cloud-based...

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Centre for Ethics, Responsible Organisations & ESG Initiatives

The Centre of Excellence for Ethics, Responsible Organisations & ESG Initiatives, CERO @ MDI Gurgaon, has been formed by a group of self-motivated professionals. The idea is to contribute to the foundations of social and economic changes for a sustainable and just world. This will lead to empowerment of the underprivileged and marginalised.  The Centre aims to serve as a platform for education, research and engagement. This is in context of the challenges of ethics and social and environmental responsibility that confront current and future b...

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