The Economics and Finance Club of MDI Gurgaon, aims to promote the thriving culture of finance in the most interesting manner. It pushes the fi-nance enthusiasts of MDI to achieve excellence in the field of finance and economics and ensure best learning experience. The online student com-munity is kept engaged through Monetrix Instagram, LinkedIn and Face-book pages. Our members track various aspects of the world economy and industry sectors. In addition, they lead functional verticals which en-sure the transfer of knowledge to the student community at large.

Events conducted throughout the year:

Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Fortnightly sessions open to the entire student community where our members analyze, decode and discuss cur-rent financial and economic developments.

Compendium: In depth reports and supplementary material comprising of interviews of alumni, finance trivia and articles on financial and economic developments written by the club members.

Weekly Quiz: A weekly online series to equip students of various finance and economics concept along with exciting prizes to honour the winner. The club held approximately 10-12 quizzes in which questions were asked on a variety of topics related to the global and Indian economies, financial terms, and so on.

Newsletter: A weekly newsletter series written by our junior analysts elabo-rating the current happenings of the financial and economic world and their implications on a global level. The newsletter was distributed for 15 weeks and included articles on 45 different topics.

Word of the week: This weekly series involve an explanation of a financial term along with real time examples. This series covered concepts such as Beta, leveraged buyout, Sharpe ratio, and many others.

Finbytes: Our club members explain financial and economic concepts in laymen terms in a crisp one-minute video to improve financial awareness among the students.

Sector Cheat sheets: The club designs various sector cheat sheets to aid the students being updated with the sector’s current trends.

CFA Research Challenge: The campus round for the CFA research chal-lenge is conducted by Monetrix every year wherein the participating teams are supposed to present their cases under the competition guidelines in front of a panel of Alumni and thereafter clear the faculty round to get se-lected to represent MDI.

Fin Conclave: It provides an opportunity to students to interact with indus-try stalwarts and gain real insights into world of finance and economics.

Monetrix, the Finance and Economics Club of MDI Gurgaon hosted its an-nual flagship event, Finconclave 5.0 on 12th February, 2022 and kept alive the tradition of hosting top industry professionals. The event began with an esteemed panel discussion led by the luminaries of the industry on the topic: Fintech and Financial Inclusion.
The speakers were
1) Mr Tashwinder Singh - CEO and MD, Niyogin
2) Mr Prabhakar Tiwari- Chief Growth Officer, Angel One Limited
3) Mr Aswini Bajaj- CEO, Leveraged Growth

This in turn was followed by our Keynote Session by Mr Nilesh Shah- MD, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited who graced the oc-casion by leading the discussion on the Indian Economy and the Future Ahead.

Secretary – Abhidyu Adukia