MILE is the entrepreneurship club of MDI, Gurgaon that strives to create a start-up culture and promote an entrepreneurial mindset at MDI through various events and activities. The club’s long-term goal is to incubate start-ups, provide mentorship to budding entrepreneurs to improve their business models, connect them with Industry leaders and groom their existing skills. MILE promotes industry connection through strategic partnerships and hosting expert discussions with alums and entrepreneurs

MILE organises its 2-day flagship Annual Entrepreneurship Summit(AES) which includes Speaker Session, Panel Discussion and Disruptathon-The Shark Tank of MDI.

MILE has also entered into partnership with India Accelerator (IA). IA is one of India’s largest accelerator programmes. With this partnership, early-stage start-ups can expect much-needed support with regards to incubation, acceleration, capital and insights.

Events and Activities of the club

  • Accelerator Program - MILE has set up a joint accelerator program with India Accelerator (IA) for early-stage start-ups. The objective is to identify potential start-ups that can be nurtured by either IA or MILE includingfunding by IA and its associates. It’s a great opportunity for MDI students to gain Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) experience across different domains
  • Disruptathon - It’s the flagship event of AES, a Start-up pitch competition inviting students and early-stage start-ups to pitch their disruptive business ideas and plans in front of a panel of esteemed VCs from India's top VC firms and the best ones receive 1 lakh+ in cash prizes
  • Speaker Session and Panel Discussion - MILE’s new initiative in which the team will be providing Consulting services to early-age start-ups helping them scale
  • Start-up Consulting - MILE’s new initiative in which the team will be providing Consulting services to early-age start-ups helping them scale
  • Chai PeCharcha - An informal fortnightly meet, where the members of MILE are split into pairs, each pair is supposed to research about an emerging trend/sector, prepare a presentation/write-up and discuss the same in front of a voluntary audience
  • Socio-PATH - MILE, in association with Samaritans, organises the Socio-Path, a social entrepreneurship pitching competition where everyone is invited to pitch their business ideas that support a social cause
  • Venture Wars and E-Tambola – Conducted during Imperium, Venture Wars is a venture capital simulation event where participants have to select start-ups in which they want to invest money.E-Tambola is a tambola event dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • Live Projects - MILE routinely partners with start-ups to do actual live projects that provide students hands-on experience of tackling real-world business challenges
  • Newsletters - It includes knowledge bits on the currently trending entrepreneurial topics across various industries to keep the students up to date with the latest developments in the entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Social Media Interaction - Fun facts and news from the start-up ecosystem shared on a continuous basis with the students over LinkedIn and Instagram

Secretary – MohdSaqib