The Photography Club of MDI focuses on encouraging group learning as well as the practise of photography and videography as a recreational activity. We are a group of enthusiastic aspiring photographers and videographers who are eager to discover more about these fields. We frequently share images and videos of the campus that our members and students have captured on our official Facebook and Instagram pages. The club covers most of on-campus activities (both official and unofficial). Additionally, we involve students in workshops, photography outings, and photo walks that give them the opportunity to explore new places and learn new photography skills. The club is in charge of managing a regularly updated archive of pictures and videos of campus and campus events.

Focus provides a platform for creative individuals to collaborate on photography and videography ventures. By engaging their creative minds in enjoyable activities, Focus stimulates the creativity of aspiring managers and leaders. We believe that photography is not about cameras, gadgets, or gizmos; Photography is about perspectives.

#MyDiwaliFocus- A Diwali Photo Contest; was organised for students in MDI wherein they shared photographs clicked by them during Diwali.

#MandeviansInEurope- An initiative taken by Focus, to engage and connect more with the IB students. Under this initiative, we invite the students of IB batch, to share their experiences in Europe.

'Photographia'- The Photography Competition and  Flick- A short film making contest was organised during Imperium, where we received multiple submissions from colleges around India.

‘Shutter Hunt’- the in-campus Treasure Hunt was organized as part of Imperium as well where we gave the students of MDI a chance to showcase their photography skills of the hidden treasures of the campus. Focus expanded its existing photo repository by collecting photos from the batch and regularly posting them on our social media handles.

We launched Instagram Stories & Posts series wherein current students tagged in their Instagram stories sharing their best clicks. Furthermore, a photo walk was organised in college by us, wherein we went around the campus with students, and clicked photographs of aesthetic corners of MDI.

As a gift for the outgoing batch, to capture their memories and days spent here as a Mandevian, Focus organised special photoshoots for all sections in PGDM, PGDM-HRM, and PGDM-IB. Similar shoots were also arranged for all the CnCs, SIGs and the Students’ Council as well.

Secretary: Ritvik Garg