A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis to share inspirational ideas and thoughts.

TEDxMDIGurgaon resumed the journey for its second season in August 2021, with a promise to spread “The gift of ideas”. After going through a tough year in the world that is in constant flux, we thought that our platform should capture the essence of ‘change’ and the significance of original thinking in this change. The vision of our college- ‘Thought Leaders and Change Masters’ perfectly resonated with our desired objective.

While COVID-19 has receded and we’re moving to a more “normal” world, the scars of the pan-demic still run deep. And thus, we decided to pick up a theme that could catalyze our movement to a post-pandemic era. Hence, we decided the theme to be, “Daring to dream in a post-pandemic world”.

To portray our theme, we chose speakers from domains as diverse as Governance, Sports, Pag-eantry, Environmental Activism, Business, and Spiritualism. The event took place on 27th February 2022 in a virtual format and saw participation from world-renowned speakers like- ShubhamDhar-amsktu, Gauranga Das, Varsha Rajkhowa and more.

Their ideas and world views inspired and intrigued our audiences and encouraged them to open their minds and walk out of the event appreciating the world around them like never before.

ShubhamDharamsktu, Traveller, Social Worker & Environmentalist - He spoke extensively about the vast diversity of India, about his experience walking all the way from “Kashmir to Kan-yakumari”, He also spoke about how he helped foreigners reach home during the pandemic.

JatinderKamyotra, Policymaker & Environmentalist - They say that what experience can teach, nothing else can. Mr JatinderKamyotra who led the Central Pollution Control Board spoke about his learnings in his 3 decades of experience in formulating solid policies & standards in areas sensitive to our environmental needs.

Shri Gauranga Das, Meditation Expert, Educationist & Corporate Coach- Being a corporate coach himself, he guided the audience on how to contribute to society & make it a better place.

Nandini Maharaj, IAS Officer- Ms Nandini Maharaj’s journey symbolizes the strength of today's women, an IAS officer from the 2018 batch. Passionate about history and dance, she also loves teaching and spoke about how education has been affected due to the pandemic.

KuntalJoisher, Mountaineer & Coach- Fighting life-threatening experiences, facing all kinds of fears with bravery, he is the world’s first Vegan to scale Everest!

Pranav Bakhshi, Autistic Model- Dealing with “Autism as a Power, not a setback”, Mr Pranav Bakhshi has proved that this condition is just a part of life and not life itself. His undeterred perseverance & focus on fighting his challenges was an inspiration for all.

Varsha Rajkhowa, Miss Scuba International - She is a lady who’s donned multiple hats, an international grade dancer, choreographer, national-level swimmer, certified scuba diver & environmentalist.

Mandevian Chronicles:- Our stage, Your voice was the first-ever pre-event that TEDxMDIGurgaon conducted on 25th Feb'22 in the Library greens of the beautiful MDI Gurgaon campus. The event witnessed a footfall of 200+ students.TEDxMDIGurgaon invited all Mandevians to their event Mandevian Chronicles. We recently started experiencing the beauty of a bustling campus. So, the objective of the event was to share stories, epithets, anecdotes and leverage the power of these interactions, these ideas worth spreading. The event provided a stage for the students & faculty members of MDI Gurgaon to share the chronicles of their life, the ups & downs, the learnings, the dreams they have achieved as well as the ones that are yet to be conquered.The event started with lamp lighting ceremony by the honourable MDI fraternity. The opening speech was delivered by our honourable Director sir, followed by talks from respected faculty members Sunil Ashra sir and Vidhu Gaur ma'am. The event also witnessed participation from 9 students who shared their stories with the ManDevian Family. The pre-event ended on a positive note where everyone had learnings to take away with them.We as TEDxMDIGurgaon look forward to organising many such events in the days coming ahead.
TEDxMDIGurgaon 3.0 Date: 26th Feb, 2023

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected]

Secretary – Arnav Goel