A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis to share inspirational ideas and thoughts.

The third edition of TEDxMDIGurgaon 2023 was a celebration of the power of belief, where exceptional individuals from various domains came together to share their inspiring stories. The event that took place on 19th March 2023 at MDI, Gurgaon was nothing short of a spectacle, with world-renowned speakers like Terence Lewis, Sandhya Raman, Virat Chirania, Dr. K K Prahalathan, K K Krishnan, Radhika Suri, and Sunil Sunkara. This was the first offline TEDxMDIGurgaon event that the college had witnessed.

The theme of this year's event was 'Power of Believing', which truly embodied the team's vision for the year. The speakers were carefully chosen to cover a range of topics, from dance to environmental activism, from spirituality to business. They all shared their journeys and experiences of how belief in oneself and one's ideas can lead to remarkable accomplishments.

The evening began with Mr. Virat Chirania's captivating speech on the power of mental state and attitude. He shared his experience of working in the corporate sector and the Art of Living; organization, emphasizing the concept of mind over matter and the true power of self-belief in making anything possible.

Dr. K K Prahalathan, the co-founder of Bhumi NGO, spoke about his journey of founding India's largest volunteering organization. He shared how his belief in himself and his vision helped him overcome doubts and obstacles and impact the lives of millions of children in India.

Mr. K K Krishnan, Vice President – Strategy at Proterial (India) Private Limited, presented the concept of A + B = C, where self-awareness and self-belief lead to self-confidence. He shared a personal anecdote of how a determined mindset and a strong sense of personal belief helped him overcome a challenge at work.

Mr. Sunil Sunkara, an artist and Kathak dancer, shared his inspiring journey of starting to dance at the age of 22 and facing multiple ligament injuries. He expressed the concept of Make belief; by performing a small act for the audience.

Ms. Radhika Suri, an environmentalist, educationist, author, and entrepreneur, took us through her personal journey of becoming an environmentalist and educationist. She emphasized the enormous potential and responsibility of the youth to work towards the preservation of the environment.

Ms. Sandhya Raman, a costume designer and founder of the Desmania Foundation, talked about how costumes make performing artists believe in their act of make-believe. She elaborated on how fabrics and colors play a crucial role in enhancing a performance.

Mr. Terence Lewis. The final speaker for the evening was the renowned dancer and choreographer, He shared his inspiring story of overcoming the language barrier in the Hindi entertainment industry by extensively reading the Hindi newspaper. He emphasized the importance of choosing to be a survivor instead of a victim.

TEDxMDIGurgaon 2023 was a grand success, leaving the audience inspired and motivated to believe in themselves and their ideas. The event was a testimony to the team's unwavering belief and persistence in putting on a flawlessly executed event. It is sure to attract more talent to the club in the coming years, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for TEDxMDIGurgaon.

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Secretary: Utsukh Rawat