Derivative Trading Club was formed to promote a culture of trading in financial instruments at MDI to help the students understand the functioning of the markets and instruments. Through peer to peer learning as well as guidance from industry professionals that the SIG reaches out for, it builds the knowledge sharing environment to undertake trades as well as manage portfolios and risks. We do not take trading as bets but as a means of reasonable asset pricing through quantitative methods. We backtest our strategies and advice on the same basis and take feedback for the development of a pool of ideas and strategies. The quant-derivative strategy and knowledge sharing from peer to peer is aimed at building a working knowledge of various asset classes across international markets beyond traditional equity.
The SIG aims at building a member pooled fund for trading purposes to develop the practical understanding of hedges, positional and short term trades, risk management through practical markets. As a team, we develop and backtest strategies as well try to collaborate with the industry experts for encouraging and enriching knowledge of students to build a career in finance.

From the academic year 2022-23, Delta intends to host Certification Programs by industry professionals and certified instructors in MDI.

Our vision is to create thought leaders in Quantitative Trading strategies implemented in the derivatives and equity segments. This should enhance learning outcomes for the students at MDI. We want to be recognized in Industry as the best B-School based Quant - derivative trading club.

Our mission is to build the following competencies among the student community at MDI:
1. Knowledge and ability to use state of the art techniques in developing Quantitative trading models
2. Hands on experience in implementing trading strategies in various derivative markets Equity, Currency and Commodity
3. Capability to build and manage a student-run Quant – Derivative trading fund

Coordinator: Rudra Debnath