Student Council

Reputation of every great institution is mainly built by its Students and the work they do both while in the Institution and then when they enter the Corporate world. This thought is also the guiding mantra of the Students Council of MDI. The mission of the Students Council is to nurture and enhance the reputation of the Institute within the Student fraternity, corporate world and the Society in general. It also aims at ensuring the well-being of the ManDevIans during their stay at the institute and then later as an alumni member helps them stay connected with the Institute.


The mission of the Students’ Council is to nurture and enhance the reputation of the institute within the corporate world and the society in general. It also aims at ensuring the well-being of the student body (defined as the students registered for and pursuing regular PGP program at Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon) during their stay at the institute and later as an alumni member.

Shivam Gupta

General Secretary

Pratyush Mishra

Academic Secretary

Ella Bhargava Sai


Aryan Mehra

Secretary Alumni Relations Committee

Sanchita Srivastava

Secretary Corporate Communications

Vatsal Rai

Secretary Global Engagements Committee

Saipriya Shastri

Secretary MarQuity

Rohan Bansal

Secretary Monetrix

Rishu Rai

Secretary HRDirection

Abhishek Srivastava

Secretary Impulse

Sreyan Sarkar

Secretary ThinC

Balajee Suryavanshi

Secretary Strategist

Manikant Sharma

Secretary Opsession


Secretary Hostel and Mess Committee

Souvik Dey

Secretary Web Committee

Adarsh Nagar

Secretary Sports Committee

Animesh Kulshreshtha

Secretary Illumina

Seethal Yedlapalli

Secretary Imperium

Yashna Shanker

Secretary Delphique

Utsukh Rawat

Secretary TEDx MDIGurgaon

Gaurav Arora

Secretary Sanskriti

Arun Kumar

Secretary MART

Avni Goyal

Secretary Samaritans

Lavnish Singh Bisht

Secretary MILE

Ritvik Garg

Secretary Focus

Sarthak Despande

Secretary IBEX

Simran Saxena

Class Representative PGDM A

Astha Mishra

Class Representative PGDM B

Rishabh Mishra

Class Representative PGDM C

Kanak Manghi

Class Representative PGDM D

Pranav Gupta

Class Representative PGDM E

Mehak Rathi

Class Representative HR A

Karan Chauhan

Class Representative HR B

Aditya Raj

Class Representative IB A

Santosh Preetham

Class Representative IB B

Aman Dey

Class Representative BAN