MDI Gurgaon having reputed University/Institute worldwide as its partners for various activities. Partnering institutions have been selected on the basis of synergies in respective programmes. The students who want to go abroad can leverage the strengths of the different institutions to draw up an academic content, in consonance with their career goals. The purpose of sending students for exchange program for global academic exposure and understanding the work culture which helps them in their placement and career to deal easily with international clients.

  • Students can apply to only those institutes where MDI has partnership and offer the students exchange program, not all partners offer it, and so need to check with International office and confirm an agreement of student exchange activities must be signed.
  • To be eligible for the students exchange students must have cleared his/her previous term courses.
  • She/he should be physically fit to study abroad.
  • Must follow the academic and disciplinary rules and regulations of the host/home university.
  • Able to manage his/her financial resources and living costs abroad and must be able to manage, insurances, textbooks, student fees and other cost.
  • There should not be any disciplinary case pending against the student.