MDI hosted the annual National Alumni Meet 2023 on November 2023

November 25, 2023

MDI's campus came alive with the familiar smiles of its esteemed alumni during the annual National Alumni Meet organized by Alumni Relations Committee, MDI Gurgaon on November 25, 2023. Amidst laughter and shared memories, the alums revisited their favorite spots, indulged in the nostalgia, and rejoiced in returning to their beloved alma mater. The vibrant campus gleamed with the echoes of Mandevians’ laughter as they reminisced about days gone by.

The students were privileged to engage with the alumni, gaining valuable insights from their experiences. The event became a bridge between the past and present, fostering a strong sense of community and connection.

Adding to the festivities, the Cultural Showcase featured enchanting musical and dance performances by Mandolins and Sole2Soul, the performance verticals of our cultural committee, Sanskriti -The Cultural Club of MDI Gurgaon. As the night unfolded, Mandolins continued to weave magic with the Soul Kitchen, presenting soulful performances that resonated long after the event concluded. The National Alumni Meet at MDI wasn't just a gathering; it was a celebration of shared stories, enduring bonds, and the timeless spirit of Mandevians.