Sajal Ghosh

Editor - Vision - Journal of Business Perspective

[email protected]


M. Tech (JU), M. Phil (IGIDR), Ph. D (JU)

Areas of Interest: Energy Economics, Applied Time Series Modelling & Forecasting, Clean Energy Transitions & Green Finance

Work Experience:
• Corporate - 6 years
• Academic - 2006 - till date

Honors and Awards:
• Figured among the top 2% researchers in a global list compiled by the Stanford University based on a peer-reviewed study
• Numerous publications, many of them are single authored, in reputed international journals
• More than 4000 citations
• Editor, Vision – The Journal of Business Perspective, SAGE (2012 – 2015; 2020 – till date)
• Review Papers for reputed journals with high impact factors
• In a research article “Research productivity in management schools of India during 1968-2015: A directional benefit-of-doubt model analysis” published in OMEGA (ELSEVIER), Sajal Ghosh ranked 4th in top 5% productive researchers in management domains for the period 2004-05 to 2014-15 and ranked 2nd among top 10 experts in Economics
• Member, Association for Energy Economics
• Ex-Member of World Energy Council’s International Study Group on Energy Market Reforms.

Microeconomics, Applied Time Series, International Oil & Gas Markets and Geopolitics, Energy Policies for Sustainable Development, Advance Policy Modelling

Publications (as on March 2022):
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•    Song Y., Bouri E., Ghosh S., Kanjilal K. Rare earth and financial markets: Dynamics of return and volatility connectedness around the COVID-19 outbreak. (2021) Resources Policy ELSEVIER DOI:
•    Yahya M., Kanjilal K., Dutta A., Uddin GS., Ghosh S. Can clean energy stock price rule oil price? New evidences from a regime-switching model at first and second moments. (2021) Energy Economics (ELSEVIER) DOI:
•    Abosedra S., Fakih A., Ghosh S.,  Kanjilal K. Financial development and business cycle volatility nexus in the UAE: (2021) Evidence from non?linear regime?shift and asymmetric tests. International Journal of Finance & Economics (Wiley) DOI:
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A. Newspaper Articles
•    Clean coal technology, despite Clinton (Aug 18 2009) Economic Times
•    Freeing up prices of all petrofuels will encourage competition (Nov 5, 2011), Economic Times
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