Rohit Prasad

Area Lead - Economics & Public Policy

[email protected]


Rohit Prasad is a Professor of Economics at MDI Gurgaon. He has a Ph.D. in Economic Theory from SUNY Stony Brook, USA where he was taught Game Theory by the Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Aumann.

After his Ph.D. he worked in the software industry in USA and India in senior management positions before joining MDI Gurgaon. His research interests include the economics of Information and Communication Technology, the markets for distressed debt, and sustainable development. His papers have been published at leading international journals including Telecommunications Policy. He has delivered seminars and talks at Harvard University, the Centre for Game Theory at Stony Brook, India Telecom 2009¸ and Future Com 2010. His articles appear regularly in The Mint and the Economic and Political Weekly.

His book The Dynamics of Spectrum Management co-authored with Dr. V. Sridhar was published by the Oxford University Press in 2014. He is the author of a popular book on entrepreneurship, Startup Sutra, and Blood Red River, that examines the contours of development conflict in India. Both books were published by Hachette. He is also the author of ‘Game Sutra- Rescuing Game Theory from Game Theorists, a collection of essays published by Sage on current affairs from a game theoretic perspective. Of this book Nobel Prize winner Prof Robert Aumann wrote ‘Entertaining, informative and fresh, it is strongly recommended to anyone who is interested in discovering how human interaction works.’

He currently serves on a high powered Committee of the RBI on the comprehensive review of the working of the bankruptcy ecosystem. He has served on a high powered Committee of the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India to make recommendations on spectrum allocation and pricing in India, and on two Expert Panels for the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to study the value of 2G spectrum.