Prageet Aeron

Assistant Professor
Chairperson- Digitization

[email protected]


Prageet Aeron is a Fellow of Management (Computers and Information Systems) from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. At IIM Ahmedabad he was a recipient of the IDEA IIMA Telecom Centre of Excellence Research Award.

Before he joined MDI Gurgaon, he was an Assistant Professor at IMI (2013-2015), New Delhi, and prior to that Assistant Professor at Jindal Global Business School (2010-2013), Sonipat.
Prior to his doctoral education he was working as a Scientist with DRDO, HEMRL, Pune, working on research and development related to explosives and propellants (with a focus on Gun propellants).
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering & Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU).


His postgraduate teaching interests include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Management, Spreadsheeting, MIS, Network and IT Security. His doctoral teaching interests include Computational Mathematics, Numerical Methods for Management, Technology Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Telecom Policy and Network Economics.

Published Papers:

  • P Aeron, P., Jain, S., Kumar, A., 2019, “Revisiting trust toward E-retailers among Indian online consumers”, Journal of Internet Commerce 18 (1), 45-72
  • Palvia, S., Aeron, P., Gupta, P., Mahapatra, D., Parida, R., Rosner, R., Sindhi, S., 2018, “Online education: Worldwide status, challenges, trends, and implications”, Journal of Global Information Technology Management 21 (4), 233-241
  • Aeron, P., Jain R.,2015, "A study on technological capability among product based telecom start-ups in India: Role of technological learning and bricolage", International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, Vol. 4, No. 7, pp 336-360.
  • Jain, S., and Aeron, P. “The Extent of Adoption of HRIS: An Empirical Investigation with Mediators & Moderators” Presented at Twenty-first Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2015), Puerto Rico.
  • Aeron, P., Jain, R., 2012, “Opportunity characteristics enabling commercialization in high tech environment: A study of Indian telecom start-ups”, Journal for Global Business Advancement, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp-226-247.

Under Review:

  • Aeron, P., Jain., S.,  “Adaptability among large scale e-Gov projects in India” (Under review, IJEG)

Conference Paper Presentations:

  • Aeron, P., 2019, Primary Platforms and Specialized Platforms: A comparison across Drivers, Architecture and Governance, Conference on Enterprise Architecture in the Digital Era: Trends Opportunities and Challenges
  • Aeron, P. and Deb, A. (2015) “Non-linear Pricing of Telecom Services: A Theoretical Analysis” at 8thth ISDSI International Conference, organized at Pune from 2nd January-4th January 2015.
  • Aeron, P. and Jain, R., 2010, “Evolution of Marketing capabilities: A study on Indian product based telecom start-up firms” Proceedings of Ist Annual Global Conference on Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (AGCETI) 2010, organized at IIT, Kanpur from 16th-18th January 2010.
  • Sundaram, S.S., Aeron, P. and Karmarkar, S.A. (2008) “Application of system dynamic modeling in infrastructure financing” at TPMDC 2008 International conference held at IIT, Bombay