Nidhi S. Bisht

Associate Professor
Faculty In-charge-PGDM-HRM

[email protected]


Nidhi S. Bisht is a Ph.D. and MBA with more than 14 years of experience in teaching, research, and administration. Her work has appeared in various journals, such as the Journal of Business Ethics, New Technology, Work and Employment, and Journal of Business Research. She has published cases with Ivey Publishing and Sage Business Cases and presented papers at national and international conferences. One of her Ivey cases is a Harvard bestseller, and two of her Ivey cases were nominated in the Outstanding Case Author category.

She has designed MDPs and has served as a trainer for various organizations like the Indian armed forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force), KPMG, Deloitte, Aon, Canara Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bharat Electronics Limited, Gas Authority of India Limited, Chief Engineers Indian Army, Reserve Bank of India, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, Military Engineering Services among others. Her research interests include technology at work, workplace diversity, workplace inequalities, and executive compensation.

Research grants

British Academy Leverhulme grant (2023), with two other professors, for the research project on highly skilled Indian expatriates in the Netherlands.


Academy of Management (AOM), USA
National HRD Network, New Delhi

Human Resource Systems and Processes
Human Resource Management
Compensation Management
Diversity and Inclusion

Journal publications

  • Noronha, E., Bisht, N.S., & D’Cruz, P. (2022). From fear to courage: Indian lesbians’ and gays’ quest for inclusive ethical organizations. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Bisht, N. S., Trusson, C., Siwale, J., & Ravishankar, M. N. (2021). Enhanced job satisfaction under tighter technological control: The paradoxical outcomes of digitalisation. New Technology, Work and Employment.
  • Tripathy, A. K., & Bisht, N. S. (2021). ICICI Bank: Fighting A Crisis in Corporate Governance. Asian Case Research Journal, 1-23.
  • Bisht, N. S., & Mahajan, A. (2021). Shared stressors and core self-evaluations: A trait activation perspective on employee performance. Journal of Business Research, 131, 103-111.
  • Bisht, N. S. (2019). A Study on the Role of Work-related Rumination in the Relationship between Job Characteristics and Burnout. South Asian Journal of Management, 26(2), 65-87.
  • Bisht, N. S., & Singh, A. (2014). Can assessment woes be put to Rest? Management and Labour Studies, 39(1), 121-126.
  • Bisht, N. S., & Singh, L. K. (2012). Understanding Antecedents to Attrition for Employees with Varying Levels of Experience in Indian Software Industry Professionals. Global Business and Management Research, 4(1).
  • Bisht, N. S. (2010). Trade unions in Indian IT industry? An employees' perspective. Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 46(2), 220-228.
  • Bisht, N. S. (2010). Forced attrition in the wake of looming growth prospects (a case study of Indian Software Industry)’ Marketology.
  • Bisht, N. S. (2009). Mind mapping- a road map to creativity, Business Perspectives. 12(1).

Book chapters

  • D’Cruz, P., Bisht, N.S., & Noronha, E. (2021). Theorizing the workplace bullying-workplace dignity link: Evidence from lesbians in Indian workplaces. In P. D’Cruz, E. Noronha and A. Mendonca (Eds). Asian Perspectives on Workplace Bullying and Harassment. Singapore: Springe.
  • Bisht, N. S. (2010). Re-Inventing Retention Strategies: Sustaining Human Capital Pool amidst Rising Attrition In Revisiting HR Practices in the Current Scenario of Optimism. New Delhi: Wisdom Publications.

Cases with Teaching note

  • Bisht, N.S & Dhingra, S. (2023). Sexual Harassment in Virtual Workplaces. Ivey Publishing. Nominated for case the Centre 2023 Case Competition in the Outstanding Case Writer category
  • Bisht, N.S. (2020). British Broadcasting Corporation: Under Fire for Gender Pay Inequality. Ivey Publishing. Nominated for the Case Centre 2021 Competition in the Outstanding Case Writer category.
  • Gupta, P. & Bisht, N.S. (2020). Google LLC: Battling Gender Discrimination Allegations. Sage Business Cases Originals.
  • Bisht, N.S, & Gupta, P. (2018). iGATE and the CEO: Breach of agreement, Ivey Publishing.
  • Bisht, N.S., & Bhatnagar, J. (2017). iGATE Corporation: Toxic Talent and Organizational Resilience, Ivey Publishing. (Harvard Bestseller)
  • Bisht, N. S., Pathak, D., Singh, A. (2016).  Infosys: Dawn of a new era? Sage Business Cases U.K.  

Conference Presentations (select)

  • Siwale, J., Bisht, N.S., & Trusson, C. (2019). The Impact on the Job Quality of Loan Officers due to Mobile Digital Technologies introduced into Microfinance Institutions in Emerging Economies European Sociological Association Conference Manchester, UK August 20- 23, 2019.
  • Mahajan, A., & Bisht, N. S. (2019). Core Self-Evaluation and Group Stressors: A Trait Activation Perspective on Employee Performance. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Boston. August 9-13.
  • Bisht, N.S. (2017). Field Officers Facing Burnout: Role of Work Related Rumination A Study of Field Officers of Microfinance Institutions in India’ of Global Business and Technology Association Nineteenth Annual International Conference, Vienna, Austria, July 11-15, 2017.
  • Bisht, N.S. (2014). Role ambiguity; role conflict and emotional exhaustion in higher education faculty: Examining mediating effects of rumination and psychological detachment. International Conference on Excellence in Research and Education. Indian Institute of Management, Indore. May 8-11, 2014.
  • Bisht, N.S (2015). Role of rumination in the relationship between job characteristics and burnout in the employees of private microfinance companies in India. PAN-IIM World Management Conference, Indian Institute of Management, Indore. December 16-18, 2015
  • Bisht, N.S. (2014). Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict and Burnout: The Mediating Role of Rumination in Higher Education Faculty. International Conference on Research and Sustainable Business at IIT Roorkee, March 8-9, 2014.


  • Co-editor of the book titled Re-Inventing Businesses: Shifting Paradigms and Seizing Opportunities. Excel India Publishers (2010). New Delhi.

Book Reviews

  • Bisht, N. S. (2019). Book review: Ganesh Chella, Harish Devarajan and VJ Rao, HR Here and Now: The Making of the Quintessential People Champion. Vision 23(2).
  • Bisht, N. S. (2017). Book Review: Walter Vieira, The Impatient Manager. Vision. 21(4).
  • Bisht, N. S. (2016). Book Review: Pritam Singh, Asha Bhandarker and Snigdha Rai, The Leadership Odyssey: From Darkness to Light. Vision.

She has designed MDPs, and has served as a trainer for Indian armed forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), Canara Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bharat Electronics Limited, Gas Authority of India Limited- HR managers, senior managers, Chief Engineers Indian Army, Reserve Bank of India, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, Punjab and Sind Bank, THDC India Limited, Projects & Development India Ltd, National Projects Construction Corporation Limited, Vodafone, Mankind Pharma Limited, Power Finance Corporation Limited, Oriental bank of Commerce (HR specialist officers, scale IV officers), CSD , Life Insurance Corporation, Maruti Suzuki, Military Engineering Services among others.

  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India