Ankur Roy

Assistant Professor
Chairperson - AICTE

[email protected]


Dr. Ankur Roy holds doctoral degree in strategic management from Banasthali Vidyapith and is a post graduate in management with systems specialization. During his fifteen years in academia he has been associated with institutions like Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), Mody Institute of Technology & Science (Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan), ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management (Gwalior), etc. for teaching and research.

He has publications in peer reviewed national and international journals and has presented papers in conferences / seminars.  His research interest includes SME strategy, firm internationalization, family business management and corporate social responsibility. His teaching interest includes Competitive & Corporate Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Business and Entrepreneurship.


Dr. Ankur Roy has taught Strategic Management (Competitive & Corporate), Strategy Consultancy, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Social Responsibility to students of PGPM (Full time / Part-time) PGPIM and NMP programmes at MDI Gurgaon.

Research Publications:

  •  Roy, A., Vyas, V., & Jain, P. (2012). Measuring Entrepreneurial Orientation in SMEs. Abhigyan, 30(2), 60-71.
  •  Roy, A., Vyas, V., & Jain, P. (2013). Relationship between Distinctive Competence Activities and Export Performance: A study of Rajasthan SMEs. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 20(2), 165-183. [Inderscience Publishing]
  •  Jain, P., Vyas, V., & Roy, A. (2013). A study of weak form of market efficiency during period of global financial crisis in the form of random walk on Indian capital market. Journal of Advances in Management Research, 10(1), 122-138.[Emerald Publishing]
  • Jain, P., DurgaPrasad, Ch. S., & Roy, A. (2013). Management students' attitude towards corporate ethics and business education's role in addressing social issues. Paper presented at the Pan-IIM World Conference on Management 2013: Emerging Issues in Management, Marriott Resort & Spa, Goa.[Emerald Publishing]
  •  Jain, P., Datta, S. K., & Roy, A. (2014). Awareness and attitude towards corporate social responsibility: A study of MBA students in Rajasthan. International Journal of Law and Management, 56(3), 231-246.[Emerald Publishing]
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  • Raitani, S., Vyas, V., & Roy, A. (2018). Do the competitors affect cross-buying decisions? International Journal of Bank Marketing, 36(1), 2-18 [Emerald Publishing; Impact Factor 2.29]

Conferences Attended:

  • Jain, P., Roy, A.,& Vyas,V., CSR Strategies in SMEs: Empirical Evidence from Rajasthan, in International Conference on Banking and Finance (BFSCON-2012). 2012, International Management Institute: New Delhi.
  • Jain, P., Vyas, V.,& Roy,A., A study of relationship between CSR and financial performance with reference to stakeholder groups, in 5th Conference on Excellence in Research and Education R. Sharma, Editor. 2013, Indian Institute of Management, Indore.
  •  Roy, A., et al., Impact of Global Financial Meltdown on SMEs and Entrepreneurial Orientation, in India Accounting & Finance Conference. 2013: Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.
  •  Roy, A., et al., Analysing critical success factors in SME banking by adopting confirmatory approach, in India Accounting & Finance Conference. 2013: Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.
  • Raitani, S., Vyas, V., Roy, A., & Jain,P., Social Entrepreneurship and Institutional Environment in an Emerging Economy, in National Seminar on Innovation and Management, 2014: IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Jaipur.
  • Roy, A., Jain, P., &Vyas, V., Performance Evaluation of Infrastructure Companies - An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis and TOPSIS, in International Conference on Frontiers of Infrastructure Finance, 2014: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
  • Raitani, S., Vyas, V., Roy, A., & Jain,P., Determinants of Financial Performance of SMEs in Rajasthan state: An AHP Approach, in 7th International Conference on Excellence in Research and Education, 2016: Indian Institute of Management, Indore.
  • Roy, A., Jain, P., &Vyas, V., Financial Inclusion in Digital Economy, in Green, Growth, Globalization and Governance: Challenges and Opportunities, 2017: JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur.

Dr. Ankur Roy has conducted training programs for the following organisations:

  • Bharat Electronics Limited
  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • National Banking Institute, Nepal
  • Maruti Suzuki - NEXA Dealership
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Manipur Finance Service
  • National Academy of Defence Production
  • Armed Forces (Independent Director’s Program & Certificate Program)