Theory Building with Big Data Driven Research

April 29, 2024 | 11:00 AM

MDI Gurgaon is proud to invite the eminent speaker Prof. Arpan Kar, AS Gupta Endowed Chair Professor DMS IIT Delhi Yardi School of Artificial Intelligence., who will share his thoughts on a highly relevant topic: Theory Building with Big Data Driven Research.

Date: 29th April 2024 (Monday)
Time: 11 AM IST
Mode: Online

Session's abstract: Data availability and access to various platforms is changing the nature of management studies. These studies often use large datasets, which may incorporate structured and unstructured data, from various platforms. The questions that such papers address, in turn, may attempt to use methods from computational science like sentiment mining, text mining, network science and image analytics to derive insights. However, there is often a weak theoretical contribution in many of these studies as indicated by lack of explainative focus. We point out the need for such studies to contribute back to the management theories, whereby findings can explain more about the phenomenon surrounding the interaction of people with technology artefacts and the ecosystem within which these contextual usage is situated.

The session will be astutely moderated by Prof. Priyanka Vallabh (Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management, MDI Gurgaon).