Conflict Management in Agile Distributed Development

December 02, 2022 | 11:30 AM

In the next edition of MDI Gurgaon’s Wisdom Café, Dr. Ashay Saxena will share his thoughts on the topic “Conflict Management in Agile Distributed Development”.

Dr. Ashay Saxena is currently associated with IBM as a Product Owner. He holds a Doctorate in the field of Information Systems from IIM Bangalore. He has extensively pursued research with global MNCs on understanding management approaches adopted by software teams to succeed with agile methodologies in a globally distributed format.

Topic Brief:
Agile approaches being practised by multiple teams operating remotely are widely adopted for large software development efforts these days. An agile setting is typically characterized by flexibility, to accommodate changing customer demands for continuous delivery of business value. A distributed setting brings about multiple demands for stability, in terms of a push for clear specification of requirements and design, and a big picture product definition. Therefore, implementing agile distributed development (ADD) projects results in an inherent conflict that must be reconciled. Leveraging ambidexterity as a theoretical lens, we attempt to provide nuanced clarity on the notion of conflict between flexibility and stability and its management across variants of an ADD setup. Through multiple case studies, we consider contextual elements to understand the dynamics of conflicting forces for each setting.

Link to research:

The seminar will be held on December 02, 2022, from 11:30 AM onwards at D Block, Lecture Hall, Ground Floor, Scholar's Building and shall be moderated by Prof. Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj, Information Management Area, MDI Gurgaon.