Center for Corporate Governance


  • To design research proposals and carry out research in strategic areas of public policy on corporate governance
  • To study the impact of economic policies –national and international on the operating realities of the Indian financial markets.
  • To analyze critically the trends and developments in the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for corporate governance in India
  • To draw lessons from country experience in corporate governance for India
  • To identify training and development needs of the officials of the legal, regulatory other agencies associated with implementation of corporate laws, rules and guidelines.
  • To develop framework for identifying training needs of independent directors, executives, executives directors and other board members in companies.
  • To study board practices in closely held companies-family business companies to examine critically the scope for improvements in corporate governance practices in public enterprises.
  • To study the financial reporting requirements and practices of the companies in India
  • To evolve a framework for performance evaluation of the directors on the board.
  • To analyze the issues of corporate ethics and corporate social responsibility.
  • To suggest improvements in board process and documentation in specific reference to the role of the company secretary.
  • To carry out research for developing the determinants of board effectiveness.
  • To develop linkages and collaboration between research agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and practitioners in India and abroad.
  • To conduct collaborative research training and consulting activities in India and abroad.
  • To develop a Master’s Course in Corporate governance in association with leading International University.
  • To develop curriculum for the executive and management education on corporate governance in India
  • To organize one International conference after every three years.




Scope of Activities

  • Training of the IAS officers and PSU official on board governance matters.
  • Exclusive in house training program for central PSUs on board governance inclusive of ethics and corporate social responsibilities
  • Short seminars with global Conference Center New York and The British Council.
  • Teaching on corporate Governance in the business schools and universities in the European countries as France and Germany.

Collaborators and Partners

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Research Agencies and Policy making bodies
  • Non Governmental organizations
  • Universities

Proposed Research, Publications and Training

  • Board Governance in Business Schools- June 2004
  • Role of Independent Directors in Corporate governance- December 2004
  • Corporate Governance and CSR January 2005
  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics- June 2005
  • A text book on Principles and practices of corporate governance – March 2005
  • Corporate Governance issues in Public Enterprises- December 2005
  • Corporate Governance Codes- a status report- January 2006
  • Corporate Governance Policy and Practices in Family business – December 2006
  • A text book on Principle and practices of corporate governance( Second Edition)- January 2007
  • The Role of boards in sub –national enterprises – December 2008

Training and Development

  • National Seminar on Board room 2009 New Delhi- Calculta- Mumbai and Banglore)- British Council- CEO’s/ Board member
  • National seminar on Independent Directors( New Delhi- Calculta- Mumbai and Banglore)-> The institute of company secretaries New Delhi- Council – CEO’s/ Board Member
  • Top Management seminar for chief GMs/ VP-> Executive Directors of Public Enterprises New Delhi- Calculta- Mumbai and Banglore)- Scope- CEO’s/ Board Member
  • National roundtable of Boards of directors of Financial sector Institutions( New Delhi- Calcutta- Mumbai and Banglore)- SEBI- CEO’s/ Board Member
  • Advanced management Program( AMP) for corporate Directors( 1 week) New Delhi/ Mumbai)- SEBI- CEO’s / Board Member
  • Senior Management Program( SMP)( 1-2 weeks)( New Delhi/ Mumbai)- Dept of Company affairs Ministry of Finance- CEOs/ Board member
  • Corporate Laws and Corporate Governance( 2 Days)( New Delhi- Calcutta-Mumbai and Banglore)-Law firms – ICSI, ISWI, ICAI- Company Law Board Government of India
  • AMP for Corporate Directors( 1 week)- campus – CEOs/ Board Member
  • SMP for Company Secretaries( 1 week)- Campus-CEOs/ Board Member