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Centres of Excellence and Multi-Disciplinary Research

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is generally a physical or virtual center of research which concentrates on existing capacity and resources to enable researchers to collaborate across disciplines and institutions, for projects that are locally relevant and internationally challenging. These projects help enhancing the pursuit of excellence in research and capacity development. In the context of MDI, Centers of Excellence are consortia of MDI academics, industry experts and member companies that augment knowledge and industry practices in ‘the areas of expertise’. Winning companies and their leaders often report that part of their success comes from shaping and expanding their expertise and insight by learning, sharing and engaging with others. These centers foster and support this very spirit of knowledge creation, insight and implementation. Member companies take the topic of their interest; the Center facilitates, participates and expands the thought leadership. The defining feature of ‘expertise area’ and a CoE in the area will be: (a) the collaboration between number of experts within and without MDI such that a distinct ‘expertise destiny’ is clearly present. This would be achieved by not only sharing the knowledge and other resources which are not easily available for each business school but also by the existence of (or the potential for) maintaining sustained programmes in the area, which are characterized by excellence in publication and in advancing industry practices. MDI faculty members across various functional areas are actively engaged in research on a number of subjects closely aligned with their areas of teaching, training and consulting. Apart from functional areas, MDI encourages the development of Centers of Excellence so that they can become a focal point of MDI’s research effort and promotion.

Centers of Excellence

These centers promote multi-disciplinary academic as well as practice-oriented research and encourage the formation of strong research groups to help recognizing true excellence in research and having high impact on various stakeholders. These research groups support research in broad fields that MDI identifies as priority themes and give faculty members “leverage” in raising resources for research, in times where MDI and external research funding represent only one component of the funding required for research for a high-priority area.