The weight for each component of the grading elements is decided by the instructor of the course.


Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. Absence from class can adversely affect the grades.

On completion of the selected courses, the students will receive a certificate from MDI which will clearly state the courses taken and their assessed performance in each of the courses. The grade certificate will be awarded to the students at the official closing ceremony of each course. No certificates will be given to students who have failed a course or missed classes without valid leave of absence. If universities require a transcript to be sent to the student’s home institution directly, a duplicate of the transcript can be sent. Please contact the MDI ISU 2016 coordinator before the commencement of the programme.

Credit Transfer

MDI ISU 2016 accepts students only from those partner institutions that have agreed to accept a grade transfer. As a matter of prudence, we strongly recommend that students prior to enrolling in the MDI ISU 2016 consult with their home university/school that their university is acceptable to the idea of credits earned at MDI to be duly accredited.