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PGDM (Executive Management Programme)

MDI’s PGDM (Executive Management Programme) is a rigorous, demanding and relevant programme for the working executives who have no prior exposure to formal management education. It attracts participants with “entrepreneurial orientation’’ from the corporate world in the National Capital Region. It is approved by AICTE, Government of India. It is also accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK.

The Programme is targeted at working executives and entrepreneurs who have not had an opportunity to get exposed to the latest managerial tools and techniques through formal in-class interaction. Apart from filling this gap, it also equips managers for assuming higher responsibilities and enables them to perform more efficiently and effectively in the context of the changed domestic and international business environment.

The programme is aimed at imparting the competencies in the following areas:

  • Value Based Education
  • Global Perspective
  • Entrepreneurial and Leadership Orientation
  • Functional Competencies
  • Action Centric Mindset

Programme Structure


Three-year (spread over nine terms) PGDM (Executive Management Programme) is at par with the regular PGPM programme in its coverage and rigour. Each year is split into four terms (of 3-months each). Each term is of 12-weeks duration which includes two weeks for examinations (mid-term & end-term). In order to provide flexibility to the students, they are permitted to drop a term(s) and may also opt to complete the programme on fast track basis in subject to prior intimation/ approval. However, they would be required to complete all the remaining courses/dissertation work within a maximum time limit of five years from the date of joining (subject to their having paid all the fee installments as applicable). In such cases, the fee payable subsequent to their re-joining/joining back will be that applicable to the batch with which they are joining the term. Re-registration fee will also be levied in such cases.


The pedagogy is a balanced mix of lectures, group discussions, presentations, case analyses, simulation exercises, business games, field visits and project work. The primary emphasis would be on interactive and participative methods of learning. In line with the recent advances in training methodology, the programme also integrates the use of technology with the learning of basic principles in different functional areas of management. The participants get the opportunity of interacting with eminent academics, policy makers and industry leaders who delve into the current business and policy issues.

Course Work*

The programme comprises of 36 courses of thirty contact hours each, of which eighteen are core courses and eighteen are elective courses. The core courses are compulsory for all students. Students are required to complete 18 elective courses out of a larger list. The students are free to choose elective courses of their choice. The elective courses are offered in the following functional areas: Finance, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Management, HRM/ OB and Strategy.

The scheme of course work is as follows: in the first year (initial four terms) 16 core courses are offered, comprising of four core courses in each term, in the second year (fifth term only), there are two core courses and two electives. Electives start from fifth term onwards. From the second term of the second year (sixth term onwards) only elective courses are offered. During the ninth term of course work students work on the compulsory dissertation / project.


In order to do specialization in a functional area, a minimum of five electives must be taken from that area. Dual specialization is also permitted; in which case additional minimum five electives must be chosen in the second area of specialization. Thus out of 18 elective courses, 10 must be from the two areas in which students wish to specialize. Remaining elective courses can be taken from any functional area or from the pool of stand-alone electives which may or may not have inter-linkages with other courses. If a student has not taken 5 or more elective courses in any functional area, he will not be considered as having specialized in any functional area and will be given a General Management specialization. The elective courses offered in a term shall be announced towards the end of the previous term to enable pre-registration for courses as also to decide which electives will be offered and which shall not be offered on account of inadequate number of students wanting to enroll/opt for the same.

Dissertation/ Project Work

In addition to core and elective courses, each student is required to complete dissertation/ project work, equivalent to two credit loads. In this dissertation he/she will address a clearly defined live problem of an organization/ business. Normally this dissertation/ project work requires one-term equivalent effort and can be started earliest in the ninth term. A faculty member from MDI will have to be chosen to provide guidance for the project work. Students also have to choose one guide from the industry for their project work. The students submit copies of their typed dissertation report and will defend their work before a panel of examiners.

The dissertation work is evaluated and the grade obtained is counted for the final CGPA.

Class Schedule

In the first year (initial four terms) the classes are held on three days every week. These three days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Second year (fifth term onwards) classes are held throughout the week and for an individual the class schedule depends on the electives chosen by him/her. Classes are held in the evenings from 6.30 PM to 9.45 PM on weekdays, consisting of two sessions of 90 minutes each and from 10.00 AM to 1.15 PM and from 2.00 PM to 5.15 PM on Sundays, four sessions of 90 minutes duration; with a lunch break from 1.15 PM to 2.00 PM.


On successful completion of the requirements of the programme, a student is awarded Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Part Time), which has the approval of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Government of India. It is also accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK.

Executive Corporate Connect Cell

The purpose of this cell is to provide a platform to the participants to develop their network in various organizations in order to explore the opportunities for their personal and professional development.

Alumn’s perception about the programme

The learning’s from this Programme helped me to become a successful change agent in my organisation. I took a lot of innovative HR initiatives pertaining to Culture, Commitments and Competencies of organisation, which resulted in recognition by internal & external authorities.

(Prem Kohli, Corporate Head- Human Resources Luxottica Group- India)

I always look upon my association with MDI with a deep sense of pride and gratitude. The course, no doubt, is demanding in terms of time and effort but the rigour is meant to prepare the students to face the real world outside. My experience at MDI was quite enriching and fulfilling. The case study based education, in particular, helped us to develop a holistic view of the business. Today I can say this with a fair amount of confidence that MDI brought about a transformation in my approach from being tactical to being a strategic thinker. If I was to describe my learning from MDI in one sentence, I would say that MDI prepared us to think and act likes a business person.

(Mukund Trivedy, Head of Corporate Communications, SRF Group)

I am extremely thankful to MDI where I gained the knowledge and the skill set to understand and appreciate the various aspects of running a business entity. It changed the way I could evaluate and work on my career prospects, eventually brought in a holistic reform and fine betterment in my professional as well as personal life. MDI is one of the best thing that happened in my life.

(Gaurav Bahl, Founder - ROI, YKOPS, Ampersand, Imagine Foundation)

It’s a gem of a course for working executives. I came to study for this program because I needed to understand the intricacies about the business world that I couldn’t learn in 12 years of consulting. This programme allowed me to learn new dimensions to understand business and there is no alternative to getting a new perspective. It’s like getting new pair of eyes. I sincerely recommend doing this programme if MDI is in reach and you want to make a difference.

(Som Shekhar, Founder & Director, Prasora Private Limited)

"My journey with MDI has been a game changer. The perspectives which the course provided on the various facets of business helped me graduate from being a hardcore finance professional to general management. In my first interview 20 years back, I was asked a question- Whats your career goal? and I said- To be a CEO of repute. MDI has contributed majorly in realising my dream."

(Rakesh Bohra, Director, Urban Ecoinfra Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon)

MDI PGPM-PT program is excellent opportunity for Experienced Professional, like me, to ‘fine tune’ my Managerial & Leadership skills. Coming back to school after years in the corporate world, was not only ‘fun’ but also excellent learning experience. Apart from enhancing my Leadership Skills/ Traits, the PGPM-PT program help me learn about Management Best Practices, from my professors & batch mates, who were from reputed & diverse Management Schools & Corporations.

MDI has one of the best Faculty, Infrastructure & Environment, that helped me build confidence & become better Leader……….personally I cherished every day that I spent in MDI.

(Tej Nirmal Singh, Director Head - LAS, Ericsson India, GFBE Shared Services Organization)

Consider myself fortunate to have gone through this intensive and rigorous course. It added immense value, widened perspectives and enabled better and more informed decision making. Thanks to the faculty and my batchmates, with whom I continue to have strong bonds, even after years.

(Rajesh Goel, Chairman and Managing Director -Hindustan Prefab Limited)

Academic Advisory Council of the Programme:

The programme consists of an academic advisory body that includes five CEO’s/Head’s and the Director, the Dean, Area Chairpersons, Alumns and participants. Currently the council has following members:

  • Anurag Kaul (CEO, JK Insurance, NOIDA)
  • Deepak Bahri (CEO, Sentiss Pharma, Gurgaon)
  • Sanjay Mehta (CEO, Teleperformance, Gurgaon)
  • Sunil Jain (CEO, Hero Future Energy)
  • Manoj Kumar (CEO, GSK Healthcare)
  • Sanjay Vidyarthi (MD, iQor India)
  • Rajesh Goel (Chairman & MD, Hindustan Prefab Ltd.)

The focus of this council is in the following areas.

  • Reviewing the course curriculum
  • Offering new electives based on industry needs
  • Organizing conferences and workshop
  • CEO’s meetings
  • Sports/cultural events

Students’ Activities:

  • Sports Days on National Holidays (26th Jan, 15th Aug and 2nd October)
  • Annual Get-together for Alumni & Current students
  • Celebrations of festivals (New Year, Holi, Diwali, and Teacher’s Day
  • Start up Conclave and Workshops on entrepreneurship development