Know Your Library       List of Print Journals and Magazines available in the Library
     Opening Hours      (Please click on the titles to access the online editions, wherever available)
  1. Abhigyan
  2. Administrator
  3. Asia Pacific Journal of Management   (Online Available in EBSCO Database)
  4. Asian Case Research Journal   (Online Available in EBSCO Database)
  5. Book Review
  6. Business India
  7. Business Today
  8. Business World
  9. Economic & Political Weekly
  10. Economist   (Online Available in Proquest Database)
  11. Education World
  12. Financial Management   
  13. Food Security   (Online only)
  14. Forbes India
  15. Fortune India
  16. Frontline
  17. GITAM Journal of Management
  18. Harvard Business Review    (Online only)
  19. India Today
  20. Indian Infrastructure
  21. Indian Journal of Public Administration
  22. Indian Journal of Social Work
  23. International Journal of Indian Culture & Business Management
  24. International Journal of Technology Management
  25. International Journal of Water Resources Development
  26. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management
  27. Journal of International Business Studies   (Online only)
  28. Journal of Social Policy
  29. MIT Sloan Management Review
  30. Mutual Fund Insight
  31. National Geographic Journal
  32. Nature
  33. Opsearch
  34. Outlook
  35. Outlook Business
  36. Outlook Money
  37. Policy Sciences   (Online only)
  38. Power Line
  39. Psychological Studies
  40. Readers’ Digest
  41. Review of Asset Pricing Studies
  42. Review of Corporate Finance Studies
  43. Review of Financial Studies   (Online Available in EBSCO Database)
  44. Science
  45. Social Policy & Society
  46. South Asian Journal of Management
  47. Strategy + Business   (Online only)
  49. Vision: Journal of Business Perspective
  50. Water Policy
  51. Week

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