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  1. Advances in Management
  2. Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy
  3. Amity Business Review
  4. Amity Global Business Review
  5. Anveshana
  6. Armada International
  7. ASBM Journal of Management
  8. Asia Pacific Media Educator
  9. Asian Journal of Legal Education
  10. Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation
  11. Aweshkar Research Journal
  12. Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies
  13. BVIMSR’s Journal of Management Research
  14. China Report
  15. CLEAR International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management
  16. Contemporary Education Dialogue
  17. Contemporary Review of the Middle East
  18. Contributions to Indian Sociology
  19. DAWN: Journal for Contemporary Research in Management
  20. Drishtikon : A Management Journal
  21. Economic Affairs
  22. Emerging Economy Studies
  23. Environment and Urbanization Asia
  24. FIIB Business Review
  25. Global Business Review
  26. Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies
  27. Higher Education for the Future
  28. Himalayan and Central Asian Studies
  29. Human Capital
  30. IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review
  31. India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs
  32. Indian Economic and Social History Review
  33. Indian Historical Review, The
  34. Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies
  35. Indian Journal of Gender Studies
  36. Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
  37. Industrial Psychiatry Journal
  38. International Journal of Business Insights & Transformation
  39. International Journal of Information, Business and Management
  40. International Journal of Rural Management
  41. International Journal on Customer Relations
  42. International Journal on Global Business Management & Research
  43. International Studies
  44. IUP Journal of Accounting Research & Audit Practices
  45. IUP Journal of Applied Economics
  46. IUP Journal of Applied Finance
  47. IUP Journal of Bank Management
  48. IUP Journal of Brand Management
  49. IUP Journal of Business Strategy
  50. IUP Journal of Corporate Governance
  51. IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management
  52. IUP Journal of Knowledge Management
  53. IUP Journal of Management Research
  54. IUP Journal of Marketing Management
  55. IUP Journal of Operations Management
  56. IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
  57. IUP Journal of Soft Skills
  58. IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management
  59. IUP Journal of Telecommunications
  60. JOHAR
  61. Journal of Applied Management - Jidnyasa
  62. Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs
  63. Journal of Case Research
  64. Journal of Contemporary Management Research
  65. Journal of Contemporary Research in Management
  66. Journal of Creative Communications
  67. Journal of Developing Societies
  68. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development
  69. Journal of Emerging Market Finance
  70. Journal of Entrepreneurship
  71. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies
  72. Journal of Health Management
  73. Journal of Human Values
  74. Journal of Infrastructure Development
  75. Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics
  76. Journal of International Economics
  77. Journal of Land and Rural Studies
  78. Journal of Management & Public Policy
  79. Journal of Management Research
  80. Journal of Oral Research & Review
  81. Journal of Services Research
  82. Journal of South Asian Development
  83. Journal of the Insurance Institute of India
  84. Management and Labour Studies
  85. Margin - The Journal of Applied Economic Research
  86. Medieval History Journal
  87. Paintindia
  88. Popular Plastics & Packaging
  89. Productivity
  90. Progress in Development Studies
  91. Psychology and Developing Societies
  92. Researchers' International Research Journal, The
  93. Review of Management
  94. Review of Market Integration
  95. Sansmaran Research Journal
  96. Saudi Journal for Health Sciences
  97. Scholedge International Journal of Business Policy & Governance
  98. Scholedge International Journal of Management & Development
  99. Science Technology and Society
  100. SDMIMD Journal of Management
  101. Social Change
  102. Society and Culture in South Asia
  103. South Asia Economic Journal
  104. South Asia Research
  105. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases
  106. South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management
  107. South Asian Journal Of Macroeconomics And Public Finance
  108. South Asian Journal of Management
  109. South Asian Survey
  110. Statistical Modelling
  111. Studies in History
  112. Studies in Indian Politics
  113. Studies in Microeconomics
  114. Studies in People’s History
  115. Sumedha Journal of Management
  116. Vidwat
  117. Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers
  118. Vilakshan: The XIMB Journal of Management
  119. Vision
  120. Young

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