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About the Conference

The global economic environment is undergoing transformation and there has been quantitative and qualitative shift in trade and business opportunities across nations. Furthermore, with the advent of liberalization and focus on FDI reforms, and innovations in information technology, there has been a significant increase in international mobility of human capital, knowledge, technology and materials. Concurrently, the volatility of socio-economic performance of economies has also increased. Globalisation, economic and monetary integration as well as global financial crisis are the prominent factors affecting macro as well as microeconomic business environment. Due to competition and evolving market dynamics, business strategies and models in organisations are always in a constant state of flux and therefore the challenge to manage business requires new ways of thinking. India has initiated various reforms and policies to facilitate ease of doing business both for domestic and foreign investors. Various initiatives such as, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Demonetisation, Digital India, Skill India etc. are being viewed as economic game changers. In the above scenario there is requirement for critical thinking and a desire to question and seek creative answers and outcomes in order to create a healthy socio-economic system. Moreover, in spite of long history of introducing various initiatives, there is a challenge to sustain these initiatives over time. Thus, we need to focus not only on timely implementing change but also on managing it. In this context the conference provides opportunities to present and discuss issues dealing with changing economic and competitive environment from the perspective of managers, businesses, academicians, sociologists and economists.

The primary objective of the conference is to provide opportunity for academicians, industry experts, practitioners, professionals, researchers and policy makers from different fields to engage in discussion based on issues related to dynamic and challenging economic environment. It will also provide a platform to get acquainted with latest developments and trends in the economy and business environment coupled with their implications for the organisations. The forum will facilitate interaction among members inside and outside their own respective disciplines to enjoy the fellowship of other professionals and scholars in the field.