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Part-Time Post Graduate Programme in Management

MDI launched its Post Graduate Programme in Management (Part- Time) in 1999, to seize the opportunity provided by a vast pool of corporate executives who were eagerly waiting for upgrading their qualifications with an MBA qualification . Therefore, starting the PTPGPM programme was a natural extension as well as a building block in the ongoing journey of the Institute's 25 years of excellence in post experience management education, training, research and consultancy. Keeping in view the increasing popularity of this Programme, from 2006 onwards, the Programme has been opened for intake twice in a year viz., April and October.The PGPM – Part-Time is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and AICTE, Government of India. The programme provides six areas of specialization, viz; Marketing, Finance, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management and Information Management. The Institute awards the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management to all those who successfully complete the programme requirements.


  • Develop integrated global perspective of the various managerial functions.
  • Develop general management competencies and decision making capabilities of managers.
  • Develop conceptual knowledge on the subject and behavioral skills of managers.
  • Enhance entrepreneurial and business leadership capabilities.
  • Promote continuous professional and personal self-development.
  • Develop a collaborative attitude and sensitivity towards group learning and problem solving.


The curriculum is spread over nine terms of three months each. The course enhances the ability to communicate, analyze situations and make decisions using both quantitative and qualitative factors/techniques, develop a holistic view of the different functional areas and the business environment. They are also exposed to the basic disciplines of economics, behavioral science, information technology and quantitative methods. From the fifth term onwards the students can opt for specialized ( focused on specific areas in management ) elective courses – and can specialize/major in a maximum of two functional areas viz., Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resour


The three-year (nine-term long) Post Graduate Programme in Management (Part-time) is at par with the regular PGPM programme in terms of coverage and rigour. Each year is divided into four terms. Each term is of 12-weeks duration including two weeks for examinations (mid-term & end-term). For providing flexibility to the students, they are permitted to drop term(s) in between, but they should complete all the remaining terms / courses / dissertation work within maximum permissible limit of five years ( latest by the fifth Convocation after they join ) . In such cases the total fees payable is the amount/fee applicable to the batch with which they would join, on joining back. Re-registration fee is also to be paid in these cases.

Course Work

The programme consists of 36 courses of thirty contact hours each, out of which eighteen are core courses and eighteen are elective courses. Core courses are compulsory for all. Besides the core courses the students are expected to complete 18 elective courses. The students are free to choose the elective courses from amongst those being offered. The elective courses are offered in the following functional areas: Finance, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Management, HRM and Strategy.

The scheme of course work is as follows: in the first year ( comprising of four terms) 16 core /compulsory courses will be offered, having four core courses in each term, in the second year (fifth to eighth term), there will be two core courses in fifth term and two elective courses. The electives start from fifth term onwards. In the third year (ninth term) only elective courses are offered. In the last / ninth term dissertation / project work will also be undertaken by the students.


For specialization in any functional area, a minimum five electives must be chosen by a student in that area. A maximum of two specializations is permitted; in which case a minimum of five additional electives must be chosen in the second area of specialization. Thus in case a student wants to major / specialize in two areas then out of 18 elective courses 10 must be from the two areas in which the student wishes to specialize. The remaining elective courses can be chosen from any functional area or from the pool of stand-alone electives which may or may not have linkages with other courses. If a student has not taken 5 or more elective courses in any functional area, he will not be considered to have done any specialization. The elective courses offered in a term will be announced in the second half of the previous term to facilitate registration in advance for the courses to be taken in the following term.

Disertation / Work

In addition to the core and elective courses, each student will concurrently undertake a dissertation project, equivalent to two credit courses. In this dissertation he/she will address a clearly defined issue / problem of/in an organization. Normally this dissertation/project work requires one-term equivalent effort and can be started in the ninth term. A faculty member from MDI will provide guidance for this project work. Students have to choose one advisor from industry also for this project work. The students will submit their typed out dissertation report and will defend their project work in front of panel of examiners. The dissertation is evaluative and the grade obtained is included in the final CGPA.

Class Schedule

In the first year (initial four terms) classes are held on 3 days a week. These three days are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday for the April batch and Wednesday, Friday, Sunday for the October Batch. Second year (fifth term) onward classes are held throughout the week depending on the electives offered and chosen. Classes are held in the evenings from 6:30 PM to 9:45 PM on weekdays, spread over two sessions of 90 minutes each and from 10:00 AM to 8:45 PM on Sundays, spread over six sessions of 90 minutes duration each.

Student's Workload

Each course is associated with a credit. A one-credit course requires 20 sessions of 90 minutes each or a total of 30 class contact hours per term. A one-credit course demands 100 hours of in-class and outside class time. A student is required to complete 38 credits; 18 each from core and elective courses and 2 from the dissertation/project.


On successful completion of the programme requirements, a student is awarded a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, PGDM (PT), which has the approval of the All India Council for Technical Education, Government of India.


The pedagogy would comprise of a judicious mix of lectures, group discussions, presentations, case analyses, simulation exercises, business games, field visit and project work. The primary emphasis would be on interactive and participative methods of learning. Along with the recent advances in training methodology, the programme would integrate the use of technology for learning the basic principles in different functional areas of management. The participants will have the opportunity of interacting with eminent academics, policy makers and industry leaders who would deliberate on the current business scenario and policy framework.


The Faculty would comprise of a combination of core MDI faculty and visiting faculty to integrate theoretical rigour with real life applications. The participants would also be interacting with eminent academics, policy makers, managers and administrators. Most of MDI faculty is also associated with leading institutions in India and abroad.


The programme would admit both organization-sponsored and self-sponsored candidates. A letter of consent ( clearly stating that they have very well understood the requirements of the programme as also agree to the timely payment of the stipulated fee instalments ) from the organization would be required in case of organization-sponsored candidates.


MDI does not provide any placement services/assistance to the participants of the Part Time – PGPM.